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1. Coinbase Features Coinbase | Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro Comparison (2021) A) Beginner-Friendly: Coinbase is a straightforward platform that allows beginners to trade crypto assets and easily understand the functionality. B) Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: The platform offers additional payment deposit options such as debit/credit card deposits and withdrawal options, including PayPal withdrawals. C) Free Education and Free Crypto: The exchange has user education built in their mobile app. It helps newbies who have just entered the crypto trading world. This section is equipped with all the instructions and videos that guide beginners about earning in this colossal crypto world. D) Price Alerts: The traders are allowed to create their watchlist of favorite crypto assets in which they want to trade. The watchlist helps them to keep an eye on every crypto they have added to that list. The primary purpose of creating a watch list is to know the updated prices of each crypto as soon as the price drops, buy, and when the price increases, sell. As simple as that! E) News Feed: News Feed is built into the platform, curating articles and crucial information from around the web and within the crypto space. This section significantly helps the traders as it keeps them up-to-date on current events. Also Read: 33 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2. Coinbase Pro Features Coinbase Pro | Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro Comparison (2021) A) Advanced Charting: One of the best parts about this platform is that it enables the users to create advanced charting views, such as viewing the moving averages and minute-by-minute trading for each coin. The standard views display the chart of the open and close prices and the 52 weeks high & low prices, similar to advanced stock charting programs. B) Multiple Trade Options: Coinbase Pro provides complete control to users over multiple trade options that are mentioned below: Margin Orders: Margin Order trading is only recommended for proficient investors who are in the trading space for years. It is a precarious way to trade, which provides leverage between 2x and 3x depending upon the crypto trading pair. The upside and the downside can be enormous. Stop Orders: This feature does not let you end up in massive losses as it allows you to automatically sell a specified amount of your cryptocurrency by setting up a stop loss. It means if the price drops to a certain threshold, it automatically sells. Whitelisting Crypto Addresses: Whitelisting crypto addresses is a spectacular feature restricting access to addresses, which enhances security before withdrawals. Primarily, it ensures no third party could access your funds, only the addresses saved in your address book are allowed to do so. C) API Keys: It is an impeccable feature allowing the third-party apps to integrate with the Coinbase account. Primarily, API keys facilitate the investment allowing users to import their data and view portfolio statistics such as asset distribution or gains. Some of the standard features offered by Coinbase and Coinbase Pro includes: 1. Market Orders: Even Coinbase and almost every exchange is equipped with this feature. Instead of placing the bid, you will be able to purchase any coin at the market price instantly. However, doing it on Coinbase Pro will charge lower fees. 2. Limit Orders: This feature allows you to set a price or place a bid that you want to purchase something at. For instance, you can limit your order for Dogecoin to $0.25 even if the market price is going around for $0.30. In this case, if the price drops to $0.25, your order will be completed. Otherwise, it will remain pending.